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Develop and nurture the skills needed for a successful, independent life after treatment

Life Skills


Our Guardian Life Skills program targets clients in recovery to help develop and nurture the skills needed for a successful, independent life after treatment. Our 6 month, 6 module program provides clients with structure and support by offering experiential learning, individual coaching, and peer support. Our program utilizes the tools required to help achieve and maintain sobriety while living a positive lifestyle. While our first step with a client may be helping them find a positive living situation, Guardian Life Skills operates on the understanding that housing is just a first step in the program. Clients need to change how they live-not just where they live. In addition to housing, our individually tailored program offers education and support in several basic areas including action planning, time management skills, money management, health & wellness, continued education and supportive career counseling

Action Planning

We recognize that developing a long term action plan is a critical component to the success of our clients. This module encourages our clients to examine both short and long term goals related to their education, career, finances and relationships. Goals will be developed during one-on-one counseling sessions, with counselors helping clients to identify the most effective ways to meet their goals and maintain positive changes in their lives.

Money Management

This Life Skills module goal is to provide each individual with basic money management skills, and to help apply these skills to their life. We educate clients on how to live within their means, focusing on issues of over spending, budgeting, and saving.

Continued Education

Our Continued Education module is fundamental to getting clients back on their feet. From basic computer training to pursuing a college degree, we provide opportunities to explore personal growth in areas of education and learning. All clients will have access to the Guardian Life Skills program computer lab and tutoring as needed.

Time Management

Coupled with our focus on action planning is the emphasis we put on time management skills. The Guardian Life Skills program helps clients to manage their time appropriately by learning to prioritize their tasks and avoid procrastination. Starting with an emphasis on daily time management, clients build the foundation for mastering important life skills essential for long term success.

Health & Wellness

Our program focuses on a holistic approach, which is a harmonious relationship between the body, mind and spirit. With a focus on nutrition, exercise and positive mental health, we educate clients on the use of meditation, acupuncture and spirituality in maintaining a positive lifestyle. Each client will have access to a tailored nutrition plan and exercise program, aimed to improving their overall health.

Career Counseling

Re-entering the job market can be overwhelming. The Guardian Life Skills program also provides assistance in the areas of resumé building, job searching, the application process and interviewing skills. Coupled with our Continued Education module, our clients have intensive support while entering the work force again. The program can also provide suggestions of local businesses, volunteer work and community service if needed.

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