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Intervention is not a punishment, it is an expression of care, concern and love.


We escort your loved to an inpatient center. A transport can help you take control in the intermediate treatment phase.

A transport is used to assist the alcoholic or addict who has just agreed to get help to the first phase of their recovery: an inpatient treatment center.

Since we work with a number of quality treatment facilities located across the country, there will mostly likely be travel involved that the alcoholic or addict is just not ready to undertake on their own.

Nerves are weak, senses are overwhelmed, and decision-making is shaky at best for the loved one who has just agreed to accept treatment.

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There has been, in virtually every case, a major effort to intervene on the alcoholic or addict in need of treatment. It makes the most sense to ensure that those efforts lead to successful entry into a treatment facility. This is done with a transport that can take control in this intermediate phase of the process.

The mind and nerves of an alcoholic or addict who has given up their will to accept help can be volatile. Sometimes they can rethink their decision to accept help at the last minute when they cycle through anxiety, begin to feel withdrawal, or even find themselves afraid that their addiction or alcoholism is too big to fight. The prospect of giving up whatever behavior or substance they have been relying on is an overwhelming one. Other times, they are physically not in the condition necessary to safely get themselves from point A to point B.

This is where Guardian Interventions be there and offer the necessary support to allow your loved one follows through with their intention of getting help. We will provide as much care and support necessary to ensure your loved one is safe in the hands of the caretakers at the next stage of their recovery.

At Guardian Interventions we have male and female escorts that are experienced in dealing with often emotionally drained, weary, and some times delusional patients that are travelling to treatment. They are on their way to a new start and having someone there to accompany them can be critically important. The goal is to maintain their willingness and avoid them bailing out at the last minute.

We also have trained Registered Nurses that can accompany an alcoholic or addict in need of additional medical stabilization and support. Every precaution is worth taking when someone’s life is at stake.

What to Expect

What you can expect from Guardian Interventions is a professional team of experienced care-givers that understand the gravity and dire nature of the situation.

The Guardian Intervention team member entrusted with guiding your loved one to the start of their recovery understands what is at stake and what needs to be done.

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What to Expect

All of our escorts are well versed in the numerous unexpected situations that can arise when dealing with someone as unpredictable as an addict or alcoholic at the end of their run. We know how to respond to whatever we may encounter.

You can also expect uninterrupted availability so that you and your family can stay involved in the process. Communication is so important at all levels of the intervention process and this phase is no different. Any questions or concerns can be dealt with easily and in a moment’s notice thanks to Guardian’s awareness of the needs of all involved. You can count on Guardian Interventions to deliver results.

This might seem like an easy step in the process but transport can be unpredictable. Guardian Interventions will get your loved one right to the front door of their treatment facility and ensure that their path to recovery starts out on the right foot.

A Simple Process

Guardian Interventions provides experienced escorts that are part of the Guardian Interventions team.

Knowing the details of the case before they travel allows them to take full control of the process until they have entered the client into the next stage of professional care.

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A Simple Process

Guardian Interventions escorts pay attention to every detail and foresee scenarios so that you do not have to try and do the same from afar.

This provides immediate stress relief to the family and the client. The family can rest assured that experts are taking every step of the journey to recovery’s doorstep with your family member.

The client can take a deep breath and follow the lead of an experienced escort instead of trying to take the lead in a situation they have never experienced. Guardian Interventions makes this process easy by communicating with all parties for the duration and handling even the little details so that you don’t have to. We deliver.

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Why Guardian Interventions?

Guardian Interventions stands out in the field as a service provider that goes above and beyond in every step of the intervention process. Lead interventionist, Joshua Scott has years of experience in guiding individuals to the treatment that they so desperately need and giving critical support to the family before, during and after. With a mix of compassion and experience, Josh brings an infectious energy and healing enthusiasm into every intervention. With an outstanding supporting team that dedicates their full effort to every call, Guardian takes pride in a rate of treatment entry over 98%. Guardian Interventions considers every phone call as an invitation to join the family that is hurting and help them heal from the inside out. Our mission is to treat our clients like family from beginning to end and use our unique blend of assets to bring one more family back together.  | About Joshua P. Scott   Call today…

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