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Intervention is not a punishment, it is an expression of care, concern and love.

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Do you or a loved one have an addiction problem? Find the right treatment program for the addicted individual. We are here to get the right help for you.

Through years of working in the field, Guardian Interventions has forged strong relationships with world-class health care and addiction treatment providers.

The luxury of having experience is being able to select the most appropriate facilities for each and every case and financial situation individually with or without insurance. We eliminate the guesswork by staying in constant contact with the programs and treatment centers with whom we work.

We believe that the best fit for recovery should not be found, it should be anticipated. This approach allows us to prepare the family for what to expect from the process and stay ahead of the curve. Our relationships with the best treatment centers in the country allow us to avoid pitfalls that delay the most important thing; the recovery of your loved one.

Addiction Facts
  • Addiction cuts across all walks of life, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Addiction can happen to anyone. Fortunately, anyone can recover with Guardian’s help.
  • Addiction is treatable. Your loved one can get well.
  • The first key step is to find the treatment that your loved one desperately needs.

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Why Guardian Interventions?

Guardian Interventions stands out in the field as a service provider that goes above and beyond in every step of the intervention process. Lead interventionist, Joshua Scott has years of experience in guiding individuals to the treatment that they so desperately need and giving critical support to the family before, during and after. With a mix of compassion and experience, Josh brings an infectious energy and healing enthusiasm into every intervention. With an outstanding supporting team that dedicates their full effort to every call, Guardian takes pride in a rate of treatment entry over 98%. Guardian Interventions considers every phone call as an invitation to join the family that is hurting and help them heal from the inside out. Our mission is to treat our clients like family from beginning to end and use our unique blend of assets to bring one more family back together.  | About Joshua P. Scott   Call today…

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