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Intervention is not a punishment, it is an expression of care, concern and love.


We bridge the gap from treatment to successful living in the real world. We provide support every step of the way.

The most difficult phase of staying clean and sober is the transition from treatment back into the real world.

Guardian Case Management can help bridge the gap from treatment to successful living in the real world, providing an unprecedented communication network to help keep recovery the main priority of the newly sober family member or friend.

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Going from a controlled environment to dynamic surroundings with new challenges everyday can be hard. Without support, the rate of relapse during this time is higher than any other period.

Guardian Case Management provides an unprecedented communication network to help keep recovery the main priority of the newly sober family member or friend. The program seamlessly partners with primary treatment centers to protect the investment of time and resources in the lives of the newly sober.

Using accountability and steadfast communication as the cornerstones, Guardian Case Management allows for a more gradual transition back into society over the first year. This program is quickly setting the standard for how to acclimate the newly sober addict or alcoholic back into the challenges of their old environment or the pressure of starting over in a new place.

Guardian Case Management has answered the call by effectively being at the frontier of alcoholism and addiction treatment. The result of these efforts, Guardian Case Management, delivers a powerful and indispensable level of support where it is needed most.

How it Works

The first thing to understand is that recovery is a process and not an event.

The intervention is only the beginning of what will hopefully turn into a journey of peace and happiness.

Guardian Case Management will be there to support your family as your loved one goes through the phases of their recovery.

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How it Works

Guardian Case Management prides itself on being accessible anytime someone has a question. It is imperative that the family stays involved and continues to recover with the individual, and through the industry-leading Guardian Case Management program, we can be there every step of the way from the intervention through successful treatment completion and beyond.


As soon as help is accepted, the addict or alcoholic will enter a transformational process starting with intensive in-patient treatment. We at Guardian Interventions know that while it is possible to get sober without treatment, the safe environment in a top-level treatment center combined with a compassionate therapeutic support system and their trained staff can be vitally important in so many cases.

In a battle against a life threatening disease, you and your family will not want to wonder what the one thing was that could have made a difference. Treatment does make a difference.

Again, after treatment there are more choices to be made about the next stages of the newly sober person’s recovery. This road may look like a combination of a sober housing program, intensive outpatient therapy, extended care treatment, or personalized therapy. No matter what direction the path of recovery takes, the most important thing for the newly recovered person is that they stay open-minded to the changes taking place in their life.

Some of these changes will make them feel better immediately, and others will make little sense or even be challenging at first. An addict or alcoholic in early recovery should be prepared to walk through all types of emotions and feelings. They did not get themselves all the way down the ladder in one day, why should their recovery be any different?

Ideally, the intervention will lead to the addict or alcoholic getting involved in a long-term program of recovery that works for them. Recovery is a life-long process that is full of rewarding challenges that can be hard to see in the beginning.

Alcoholism, addiction and compulsive behaviors have no instant cure; they are treated one day at a time. What can result is a truly fulfilling life where there was only sadness and wasted potential; a strong hope where there was none.

Your Role

When it comes to addiction and treatment, the family often has as much to learn as the alcoholic or addict in order to support long-term recovery. This family education is critical to ensure that all the energy your loved one is putting into their recovery will be aided by the family taking appropriate actions in their own right.

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Your Role

Families grow together and when someone in that family unit is sick, the family can grow into unhealthy habits very easily. A family cannot be expected to naturally know how to handle a complex disease like addiction. However, a family can be expected to make an effort to embrace some healthy changes to help make recovery possible.

The healthy solutions to everyday situations with your newly recovering loved one take time and patience to be employed effectively. The most important thing the family can do is be open-minded and patient while the family learns to grow together again!

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Why Guardian Interventions?

Guardian Interventions stands out in the field as a service provider that goes above and beyond in every step of the intervention process. Lead interventionist, Joshua Scott has years of experience in guiding individuals to the treatment that they so desperately need and giving critical support to the family before, during and after. With a mix of compassion and experience, Josh brings an infectious energy and healing enthusiasm into every intervention. With an outstanding supporting team that dedicates their full effort to every call, Guardian takes pride in a rate of treatment entry over 98%. Guardian Interventions considers every phone call as an invitation to join the family that is hurting and help them heal from the inside out. Our mission is to treat our clients like family from beginning to end and use our unique blend of assets to bring one more family back together.  | About Joshua P. Scott   Call today…

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