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Insight into a patient’s progress during and after treatment.

 How it Works

  • Our 12 month Guardian Case Monitoring program uses weekly interactions with a client and their selected support network through structured and consistent phone calls to help better capture a sense of their recovery.

    Our trained staff conduct phone interviews designed to offer insights into a  client’s path to sobriety on a weekly basis.   

    Ultimately, our Guardian Case Monitoring  program can help the client more quickly,  be in a position for lasting recovery.


    For Families

    Our program provides weekly communication and peace  of mind on their loved one’s progress towards lasting recovery. It also removes the burden of monitoring from the  family.

    For Patients

    Our program provides a 24 hour, 7 days a week support line to help with challenges or celebrate successes. It also supports personal responsibility and accountability increasing the potential for lasting recovery.

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    Our sobriety compliance monitoring system (Guardian Case Monitoring) creates simple to read “Stop Light” styled reports based on our proprietary system that assigns scores to responses from our evaluation process. The scores give clients, their support network and partnered facilities an easy to understand “Report Card” complete with detailed comments explaining successes, concerns and where applicable, steps to remedy. This not only helps to inform the network, but also builds better and more frequent communication.


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Secure Online Platform

Our secure portal allows registered parties to sign in so they can view status and reports on only those parties they are entitled to see.

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Simple & Intuitive Interface

The main dashboard provides a quick summary of a client's path to sobriety including any required contacts, their most recently reported status, as well as quick navigation links to relevant tabs or specific client content.

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Advanced Reporting Tools

Customized Reports: Our comprehensive reporting tool allows for customized reporting for all or select groups of clients and can include details ranging from weekly scores by category to individual clinician comments.

Facility Reports: Reports for facilities are easy to scan visually and allow for quick identification of issues or “at risk” clients.

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